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Exercise of contempt

( from notes, 1975 )



Do not continue to betray us sociologists chroniclers, industrial philosophers, wealthy psychiatrists, billionaire 'masters', pandering penmen, malefic earners, herd of caines, false seers, perfidious obsessed, decadent sold, embalmed in your theoretical lairs of nothingness, useless elephants with elegant shapes sought after, bigoted laymen, demented 'liberals', builders of real alibis, patient territories of transparent screens, sold politicians, blind elzevirists, scarce wax novelists, illiterate wonder seekers ready to be all traitors or betrayed, crawling in the air unbreathable, failed executioners.


Do not try the hand in the deaf matter that closes you, there is no space or life, closed forever in the filthy sunsets of the cities you have built, in the closed consciences you have built, with numb oral cautions in your culture, fog of pain, fool of honor.

APPUNTI per una mostra di fotografie a colori (Il Segno, 1977)

Loy_appunti x mostra al Segno1.jpg
Loy_appunti x mostra al Segno2.jpg


Loy, biografia .jpg
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